ECP is looking for a restaurant concept that has the potential to be a regional or national operation. The concept needs to have strong financial fundamentals with EBITDA of $1M to $10M and an operations team that is poised for growth

ECP will have the opportunity to invest in the concept, which may be followed by other accredited investors, private equity, EB-5 investors, or crowdfunding.

These leaders provide insights that provide informational advantages in the due-dillegence process and execution.

ECP will host quarterly meetings to review concepts and meet with ownership of the concepts. At this time, ownership will have opportunity to share their corporate overview, operating plan, business plan and pro-forma. ECP will assist with all due diligence documents and requirements.

Our partners also can recruit the most talented people in the industry. This creates the opportunity to drive effective methods while optimizing costs, thus significant improvements in operating profits. All of these elements can come together to create companies with strategic significance, which can result in attractive strategic or public exit opportunities.

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