California Pizza Kitchen Emerges from Bankruptcy

Given the timing, one might be tempted to lay blame for California Pizza Kitchen’s capitulation at COVID’s doorstep. After all, by the time CPK filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on July 30, the list of notable restaurant companies overcome by the weight of financial obligation was already substantial, fairly star-studded, and growing. The Playa […]


How Will President-Elect Joe Biden’s Policies Affect the Restaurant Industry?

The constitutional provisions, first implemented in the 1700s, were designed to create checks and balances in the executive and legislative branches. Congress took the lead with the executive branch taking the back seat. As our world formed and changed, the balance of power shifted dramatically. Executive orders became the means of bypassing stalemates between Congress […]


The Great Divide: Some Restaurants are Closing While Others Expand

Some of America’s most iconic brands have not been able to weather the pandemic storm of 2020. Others are expanding across the nation. Why the dichotomy? And what’s caused the great divide that allows some to swim while others sink? Restaurants That Are Closing Logan’s Roadhouse, a brand based out of Nashville and founded in […]


Survey Reveals What Restaurants are Doing to Survive

Rewards Network recently surveyed 400 restaurant owners to determine what, if anything, they were planning on doing as fall and winter bring on colder weather. Their response revealed that, though many are fighting through with delivery and alternative patio options, others are uncertain just how long they can keep their doors open in this current […]


Dunkin’ Donuts Acquired by Inspire Brands

It’s amazing how much we’ve learned over the past year. Either that, or it’s been positively flabbergasting to discover just how little we knew and to be no further along than when we started. It really just depends on the day. However, if we’ve learned nothing else, it’s that things can change far more quickly […]


How Restaurants are Using QR Codes for Touchless Options

For those of you that left your smartphone at home when dining out with friends and family, those days may soon be gone. QR codes have taken the restaurant industry by storm since the pandemic disrupted our world, which means you’ll be needing those phones at your favorite dining establishments after all. About 52 percent […]


Eliminating Plastics from Restaurants

Plastics floating in the ocean contribute to the spread of invasive species and new diseases; the chemical compounds that make plastics so versatile can be absorbed by human bodies with negative health effects; and worst of all, plastics ingested by marine and wildlife often result in death. And yet, restaurants remain stocked with plastics. From […]


A Look inside the Restaurant of the Future

Imagine walking into a new restaurant with few tables. The space isn’t much larger than a local coffee shop, but the front counter is busy ringing up customers and taking to-go orders. Customers eating in are spread far apart. All the while, there is a steady stream of people coming in and out of the […]


How Restaurants Can Fight Rising Labor Costs

According to a new study in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic may force many restaurant owners to automate their workforce in order to combat rising labor, product, and real estate costs. The study revealed this sentiment cuts across all restaurant categories but is especially true of […]


How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Digital Loyalty Programs and Contactless POS Systems

Contactless POS systems are here to stay. They accelerated the digital revolution sweeping the restaurant industry, keep customers at a safe distance from staff, and offer businesses a means of collecting valuable information about their customers and their business. Restaurant technologists happen to agree. Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants to adopt contactless payment systems, […]